Thrive’s mission is to provide training and credit to women excluded from the mainstream financial sector in a manner that is both socially responsible and financially sustainable.

Thrive is not a charity - It is run for profit with all surpluses retained in the business for the benefit of its borrowers.   
Thrive has a pro-poor focus and limits the initial loan to $500.  There is no lower limit. We do not provide salary based loans.  Our borrowers run small business such as tuck-shops or chicken farms or work as cross-border traders or stallholders.
Thrive’s ambition is to exert a positive influence on other MFIs operating in Zimbabwe and become the country’s leading developmental microfinance provider.


Thrive has 4 core values that it uses as the basis for its decision-making:

Take care.

Thrive will act responsibly in everything that does taking care with the effect it has upon its borrowers.

Keep your promises.

We believe in making promises carefully and delivering on those promises.  Thrive will not put its own interests above those of its borrowers.

Address the power imbalance.

Thrive exists to improve the financial circumstances of its borrowers.  We empower borrowers to take decisions that are in their best interests.  We will listen carefully and respond to their views.  We value the relationship with our borrowers and will not abuse unequal power balances.

Put borrowers first.

We believe that putting borrowers' interests first is key to long-term, mutually rewarding relationships.  We only lend money where there is a strong probability that borrower will benefit as a result.



Thrive intends to fulfil its mission in the following ways:

Promoting Savings

We place great emphasis on savings as the key to long-term financial security. Borrowings may be appropriate for specific purposes and may be either short or long term.  We will encourage and assist our groups to open savings accounts with local banks and will provide them with loans where and as appropriate.

We believe that groups are the most effective way to deliver our services. Groups can provide mutual support, exchange of ideas and a fertile environment for training.

Providing Financial Literacy training

For Thrive, financial inclusion is more about "informed" access than just increasing access to finance. In providing finance to the previously excluded and otherwise vulnerable, there comes along the duty to improve their financial literacy. 

We ensure that borrowers fully understand the strengths and weaknesses of their businesses and those of the other members of their groups.  We train borrowers to ensure that they are aware of the risks and liabilities involved in borrowing and have a clear and profitable use for the money they borrow.  They are also taught to keep simple financial records.

Providing loans without doing anything for the financial literacy levels of the borrowers is creating a bigger problem than the former, this is the Thrive point of view.

Forming long-term relationships.

Thrive invests a great deal in its relationship with its borrowers.  We see the relationship as long-term and look for a deeper and stronger relationship than is common in the financial services. We only lend money when we are confident that the borrower will benefit.

Influencing and leading change.

Thrive will undertake an industry leading role through membership of representative bodies and the organisation of training and other events designed to accelerate socially responsible lending and social performance measurement.